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I am a kind, friendly, warm woman, with good heart and much unspent love. I have not met a man I could marry in my country that is why I am not afraid to look for Him even in a far country. I think if we are compatible, and feel good with each other, we will overcome any distance or cultural barriers. I know my Love is somewhere out there. I am an energetic, active and optimistic lady and believe whatever is done is done for the best. I am looking much younger than my age, and feel even younger :-)I think my smile, sense of humor and charm are my best features. But let’s meet, and see if there is a chemistry between us… I am an active person, enjoy many things in life, and what can be better than to share what you love and enjoy, with the One you love? Hope you are the same opinion. I like reading, cooking, music, going to cinema and theater. And I like horse back riding, and love animals.


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